Full Name Radar Altimeter - 2 Status No longer operational
Instrument Agencies ESA Maturity
Instrument Type Radar altimeters Geometry
Instrument Technology Radar altimeter Sampling Imaging
Data Access Open Access Data Format
Measurements and Applications Measures wind speed, significant wave height, sea surface elevation, ice profile, land and ice topography, and sea ice boundaries.
Resolution Summary
Swath Summary
Accuracy Summary Altitude: better than 4.5 cm, Wave height: better than 5% or 0.25 m
Waveband Summary Microwave: 13.575 GHz (Ku-Band) and 3.2 GHz (S-Band)
MW (~0.1 cm - ~100 cm)
Ku-Band (12.5 to 18 GHz)
S-Band (4 - 2 GHz)
Instrument Measurements
Measurements Overview
Atmospheric Humidity FieldsAtmospheric specific humidity (TC)
Gravity, Magnetic and Geodynamic measurementsGeoid
Ice sheet topographySea-ice sheet topography
Landscape topographyLand surface topography
Ocean surface windsWind speed over sea surface (horizontal)
Ocean topography/currentsSea level
Ocean dynamic topography
Ocean wave height and spectrumSignificant wave height
Sea ice cover, edge and thicknessSea-ice cover
Sea-ice thickness
Thematic Links Global Climate Observing System Essential Climate Variables (GCOS ECVs)
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Instrument Missions
Envisat - Environmental Satellite (2002 - 2012)