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Full Name Advanced Synthetic-Aperture Radar Status No longer operational
Instrument Agencies ESA Maturity
Instrument Type Imaging microwave radars Geometry
Instrument Technology Imaging radar (SAR) Sampling Imaging
Data Access Constrained Access Data Format
Measurements and Applications All-weather images of ocean, land and ice for monitoring of land surface processes, sea and polar ice, sea state, and geological and hydrological applications. Has 2 stripmap modes (Image and Wave (for ocean wave spectra)) and 3 ScanSAR modes.
Resolution Summary Image, wave and alternating polarisation modes: approx 30 x 30 m, Wide swath mode: 150 x 150 m, Global monitoring mode: 950 m x 950 m
[Best Resolution: 30m]
Swath Summary Image and alternating polarisation modes: up to 100 km, Wave mode: 5 km, Wide swath and global monitoring modes: 400 km or more
[Max Swath: 493 km]
Accuracy Summary Radiometric resolution in range: 1.5 - 3.5 dB, Radiometric accuracy: 0.65 dB
Waveband Summary Microwave: C-band, with choice of 5 polarisation modes (VV, HH, VV/HH, HV/HH, or VH/VV)
MW (~1.0 cm - ~100 cm)
C-Band (8 - 4 GHz)
Instrument Measurements
Ice sheet topographySea-ice sheet topography 
Landscape topographyLand surface topography 
Multi-purpose imagery (land)Land surface imagery 
Multi-purpose imagery (ocean)Ocean imagery and water leaving radiance 
Ocean surface windsWind speed over sea surface (horizontal) 
Ocean topography/currentsOcean surface currents (vector) 
Ocean wave height and spectrumSignificant wave height 
Dominant wave period 
Dominant wave direction 
Sea ice cover, edge and thicknessSea-ice cover 
Sea-ice type 
Glacier motion 
Snow cover, edge and depthSnow cover 
Soil moistureSoil moisture at the surface 
VegetationVegetation type 
Instrument Missions
Envisat - Environmental Satellite (2002 - 2012)
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