Full Name High Resolution Camera Status Approved
Instrument Agencies CONAE Maturity Low Heritage
Instrument Type Imaging multi-spectral radiometers (vis/IR) Geometry Steerable viewing
Instrument Technology High resolution optical imager Sampling Imaging
Data Access Data Format
Measurements and Applications Panchromatic and multispectral (Vis/IR) measurements with high spatial resolution, with stereo capability for DEM generation. Applications in emergencies in general, agriculture, land use/land cover, change detection, urban environment, cartography, topography.
Resolution Summary Panchromatic band: 1 m Vis/IR bands: 4 m
[Best Resolution: 1m]
Swath Summary 12 km
[Max Swath: 12 km]
Accuracy Summary Absolute radiometric accuracy: 5%
Waveband Summary Panchromatic band - P: 450-900 nm Vis/IR bands - B1: 450-520 nm - B2: 520-590 nm - B3: 630-690 nm - B4: 770-890 nm
VIS (~0.40 µm - ~0.75 µm)
NIR (~0.75 µm - ~1.3 µm)
Instrument Measurements
Measurements Overview
Landscape topographyLand surface topography
Multi-purpose imagery (land)Land surface imagery
Ocean topography/currentsBathymetry
VegetationNormalized Differential Vegetation Index (NDVI)
Vegetation type
Land cover
Vegetation Canopy (cover)
Vegetation Cover
Thematic Links Global Climate Observing System Essential Climate Variables (GCOS ECVs)
ECVDescriptionProduct(s)ECV Inventory 3.0 Record(s)
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Instrument Missions
SARE-2A (S1) - SARE-2A (S1) (2028 - 2033)
SARE-2A (S2) - SARE-2A (S2) (2030 - 2033)
SARE-2A (S3) - SARE-2A (S3) (2031 - 2033)
SARE-2A (S4) - SARE-2A (S4) (2032 - 2033)