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Full Name Tropospheric Emission Spectrometer Status No longer operational
Instrument Agencies NASA Maturity
Instrument Type Atmospheric chemistry Geometry Nadir-viewing
Instrument Technology High-resolution nadir-scanning IR spectrometer Sampling Imaging
Data Access Open Access Data Format HDF(Level1) , HDF-EOS (Level-2 and 3)
Measurements and Applications 3D profiles on a global scale of all infra-red active species from surface to lower stratosphere. Measures greenhouse gas concentrations, tropospheric ozone, acid rain precursors, gas exchange leading to stratospheric ozone depletion.
Resolution Summary In limb mode: 2.3 km vertical resolution. In down-looking mode: 50 x 5 km (global), 5 x 0.5 km (local)
Swath Summary Limb mode: global: 50 x 180 km, local: 5 x 18 km
Accuracy Summary Ozone: 20 ppb, Trace gases: 3 - 500 ppb
Waveband Summary SWIR-TIR: 3.2 - 15.4 µm
MWIR (~3.0 µm - ~6.0 µm)
TIR (~6.0 µm - ~15.0 µm)
Instrument Measurements
Atmospheric Humidity FieldsAtmospheric specific humidity (LT, HT, LS) 
Atmospheric Temperature FieldsAtmospheric temperature (LT, HT, LS) 
OzoneOzone profile 
Surface temperature (land)Land surface temperature 
Trace gases (excluding ozone)Atmospheric Chemistry - CH4 (LT, HT, HS&M)0.7 [%]
Atmospheric Chemistry - CO2 (column/profile)1.3 [ppm]
Atmospheric Chemistry - CO (LT, HT, LS) 
Atmospheric Chemistry - N2O (LT, HT, LS) 
Atmospheric Chemistry - HNO3 (LT, HT, LS) 
Atmospheric Chemistry - HDO (LT, HT, HS&M) 
Instrument Missions
Aura - Aura (formerly EOS Chemistry) (2004 - 2020)
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