THE CEOS DATABASE : Missions, Instruments and Measurements
Agency Agency Keyword
Country Country Keyword
AgencyCountryAgency Website# Missions (Current/Future)# Instruments (Current/Future)
AEM Mexicoclick here--
AGEOS Gabonclick here--
ASI Italyclick here15 - timeline13
BELSPO Belgiumclick here--
CAST Chinaclick here19 - timeline43
CDTI Spainclick here1 - timeline1
CNES Franceclick here18 - timeline22
COM Europeclick here38 - timeline15
CONAE Argentinaclick here10 - timeline7
CRESDA Chinaclick here8 - timeline13
CSA Canadaclick here8 - timeline18
CSIRO Australiaclick here1 - timeline2
DLR Germanyclick here8 - timeline9
ESA Europeclick here49 - timeline54
EUMETSAT Europeclick here33 - timeline30
GA Australiaclick here--
GISTDA Thailandclick here2 - timeline5
INPE Brazilclick here2 - timeline10
ISRO Indiaclick here16 - timeline24
JAXA Japanclick here6 - timeline15
JMA Japanclick here2 - timeline3
KARI Koreaclick here11 - timeline15
KMAKoreaclick here1 - timeline1
METI Japanclick here-1
MYSA Malaysiaclick here--
NASA here35 - timeline76
NASRDA Nigeriaclick here-2
NIER Koreaclick here1 - timeline1
NOAA here23 - timeline59
NOSA Norwayclick here3 - timeline10
NRSCC Chinaclick here14 - timeline19
NSAU Ukraineclick here1 - timeline2
NSMC-CMA Chinaclick here16 - timeline28
NSO Netherlandsclick here3 - timeline6
POLSA Polandclick here--
ROSHYDROMET Russiaclick here18 - timeline21
ROSKOSMOS Russiaclick here29 - timeline21
SANSA South Africaclick here4 - timeline3
SNSA Swedenclick here-2
TUBITAK Turkeyclick here-2
UAE SA United Arab Emiratesclick here4 - timeline4
UKSA United Kingdomclick here10 - timeline15
USGS here2 - timeline6
VAST Vietnamclick here2 - timeline3
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