Full Name Atmospheric Infrared Ultraspectral Status Operational
Instrument Agencies CNSA Maturity Low Heritage
Instrument Type Atmospheric chemistry Geometry
Instrument Technology GNSS radio-occultation receiver Sampling
Data Access Data Format
Measurements and Applications Global monitoring of atmospheric greenhouse gasses including CO2, CH4, N2O, O3 via occultation.
Resolution Summary 30m x 30m
[Best Resolution: 30m]
Swath Summary FOV trace coverage:+-10degree, Spectrometer FOV: 1.25mrad.
Accuracy Summary Solar trace precision: 0.1mrad, Solar trace stability: 25µrad, Digitalizing bit: 18bits, Bit rate:8.9Mbps. Dynamic range : 800K~ 5800K. SNR >100:1 @ 5800K.
Waveband Summary 2.4 µm– 13.3 µm (SWIR - TIR). Spectrum range: 2.4-13.3µm, Spectral resolution: 0.03cm-1, Relative spectral stability: 4100cm-1, 0.003cm-1.
Instrument Measurements
Measurements Overview
OzoneO3 Mole Fraction
Trace gases (excluding ozone)CO2 Mole Fraction
NO2 Mole Fraction
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Instrument Missions
GF-5 - Gaofen-5 (2018 - 2026)