Full Name MethaneSat Instrument Status Being developed
Instrument Agencies EDF, NZSA Maturity Low Heritage
Instrument Type Atmospheric chemistry Geometry
Instrument Technology Sampling Imaging
Data Access Open Access Data Format
Measurements and Applications Combines key capabilities of both point-source and global mapping systems. They have a field of view of hundreds of kilometers wide, coupled with very high precision sensors, enabling them to quantify emissions over areas with diverse types of emitters (whether small and diffuse sources or large and concentrated ones).
Resolution Summary Spatial resolution : 100*400m, Field of view : 260km, View Path : 200km
[Best Resolution: 1000m]
Swath Summary Pixel size : 400*100m, Swath width : 260km.
[Max Swath: 260 km]
Accuracy Summary Detection Threshold : 2ppb
Waveband Summary
Instrument Measurements
Measurements Overview
Trace gases (excluding ozone)CH4 Mole Fraction
Thematic Links Global Climate Observing System Essential Climate Variables (GCOS ECVs)
ECVDescriptionProduct(s)ECV Inventory 3.0 Record(s)
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Instrument Missions
MethaneSAT - MethaneSAT (2024 - 2026)