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Full Name MaGnetic Field instrument Status Operational
Instrument Agencies CSA Maturity
Instrument Type Magnetic field Geometry
Instrument Technology Magnetometer Sampling Other
Data Access Open Access Data Format
Measurements and Applications The MGF consists of dual, tri-axial fluxgate magnetometers mounted on an 80-cm carbon fibre boom for measurements of magnetic field perturbations to a precision of 0.0625 nanotesla, from which to infer small-scale field-aligned currents. The MGF is turned on an average of 20% of the time, following a schedule devised by the science team.
Resolution Summary N/A
Swath Summary N/A
Accuracy Summary 0.0625 nanotesla
Waveband Summary N/A
Instrument Measurements
Measurements Overview
Gravity, Magnetic and Geodynamic measurementsMagnetic field (vector)
Instrument Missions
ePOP on CASSIOPE - Enhanced Polar Outflow Probe on the CAScade, Smallsat and IOnospheric Polar Explorer (2013 - 2024)
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