Full Name Delay Doppler Mapping Instrument (DDMI) Status Operational
Instrument Agencies NASA, NOAA Maturity
Instrument Type Other Geometry Push-broom scanning
Instrument Technology GNSS receiver Sampling Other
Data Access Open Access Data Format NetCDF
Measurements and Applications Constellation of bistatic radar receivers using GPS satellite transmitters to detect ocean surface roughness and estimate near-surface wind speed from calm sea through hurricane force conditions and under all levels of precipitation.
Resolution Summary 20-50 km (variable in ground processing)
[Best Resolution: 20000m]
Swath Summary Field of view of potential GPS specular point contacts extends 740 km cross-track in both port and starboard directions.
[Max Swath: 1480 km]
Accuracy Summary wind speed RMS retrieval uncertainty: 2 m/s for winds less than 20 m/s and 10% for winds greater than 20 m/s
Waveband Summary Microwave: 1.575 GHz
L-Band (2 - 1 GHz)
Instrument Measurements
Measurements Overview
Ocean surface windsWind speed over sea surface (horizontal)
Instrument Missions
CYGNSS - Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System (2016 - 2026)