Full Name Surface Waves Investigation and Monitoring Status Operational
Instrument Agencies CNES Maturity
Instrument Type Scatterometers Geometry
Instrument Technology Radar scatterometer Sampling Other
Data Access Constrained Access Data Format netcdf
Measurements and Applications Ku-band Real-aperture radar (RAR) system, multi-incindence beams(0-10°) and azimuth scanning. Measurement of 2D ocean waves spectrum
Resolution Summary 50x50km on 2D spectra
Swath Summary 140 km
Accuracy Summary accuracy for wave estimates: minimum detectable wavelength of about 70 m, maximum detectable wavelength about 500m, accuracy in wave propagation direction of about 15°, accuracy in wavelength of 10 to 20%, accuracy in significant wave height of 10% or better than 40-50 cm (TBC)
Waveband Summary Ku-band
Ku-Band (12.5 to 18 GHz)
Instrument Measurements
Measurements Overview
Ocean wave height and spectrumSignificant wave height
Dominant wave period
Dominant wave direction
Wave directional energy frequency spectrum
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Instrument Missions
CFOSAT - Chinese-French Oceanic SATellite (2018 - 2026)