Full Name PCW Meteorological Payload (1 on each PCW S/C)
aka ISR, MET P/L
Status No longer considered
Instrument Agencies CSA, ECCC Maturity Medium Heritage
Instrument Type Imaging multi-spectral radiometers (vis/IR) Geometry Earth disk scanning
Instrument Technology Multi-purpose imaging Vis/IR radiometer Sampling Imaging
Data Access Open Access Data Format NetCDF or HDF
Measurements and Applications Continuous high-temporal resolution measurements of atmospheric properties over the Arctic. Associated observations, using additional instruments include in situ space weather and also broadband radiometry of Earth.
Resolution Summary Band dependent, varies from 0.5 km GSD (goal) for some of the VNIR bands to 2 km GSD for TIR bands.
[Best Resolution: 500m]
Swath Summary Field of Regard for each full acquisition is the entire Earth disc
Accuracy Summary Cal/Val requirements currently being developed
Waveband Summary Multiple bands, non-continuous, from 0.45 µm - 14.5 µm
VIS (~0.40 µm - ~0.75 µm)
NIR (~0.75 µm - ~1.3 µm)
SWIR (~1.3 µm - ~3.0 µm)
MWIR (~3.0 µm - ~6.0 µm)
TIR (~6.0 µm - ~15.0 µm)
Instrument Measurements
Measurements Overview
AerosolsVolcanic ash
Aerosol absorption optical depth (LT, HT, TC)
Cloud type, amount and cloud top temperatureCloud top height
Cloud top temperature
Liquid water and precipitation ratePrecipitation index (daily cumulative)
Sea ice cover, edge and thicknessSea-ice cover
Snow cover, edge and depthSnow cover
Surface temperature (ocean)Sea surface temperature
VegetationVegetation Cover
Thematic Links Global Climate Observing System Essential Climate Variables (GCOS ECVs)
ECVDescriptionProduct(s)ECV Inventory 3.0 Record(s)
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Sea Ice click here click here search ECV Inventory records
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Instrument Missions
PCW-1 - Polar Communications and Weather-1 (2021 - 2036)
PCW-2 - Polar Communications and Weather-2 (2021 - 2036)