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Full Name Status Mission complete
Mission Agencies CONAE Launch Date 21 Nov 2000
Mission Links mission site EOL Date 13 Aug 2013
EO Portal Info
Orbit Type Sun-synchronous Orbit Period 98 minutes
Orbit Sense Descending Orbit Inclination 98.2 deg
Orbit Altitude 705 km Orbit Longitude
Orbit LST 10:25 Repeat Cycle 9 days
Objectives and Applications Earth observation, studies the structure and dynamics of the Earth’s surface, atmosphere, ionosphere and geomagnetic field.
Mission Measurements
AtmosphereAerosols MMRS
Atmospheric Humidity Fields GOLPE
Radiation budget ICARE
Atmospheric Temperature Fields GOLPE
Gravity and Magnetic FieldsGravity, Magnetic and Geodynamic measurements GOLPE, MMP
LandAlbedo and reflectance MMRS
Vegetation HRTC, MMRS
Multi-purpose imagery (land) HRTC, HSTC, MMRS
OceanOcean colour/biology MMRS
Multi-purpose imagery (ocean) MMRS
Snow & IceSnow cover, edge and depth HRTC, HSTC
Mission Instruments
DCS (SAC-C) - Data Collection System
GOLPE - GPS Occultation and Passive reflection Experiment
HRTC - High Resolution Panchromatic Camera
HSTC - High Sensitivity Technological Camera
ICARE - Influence of Space Radiation on Advanced Components
INES - Italian Navigation Experiment
IST - Italian Star Tracker
MMP - Magnetic Mapping Payload
MMRS - Multispectral Medium Resolution Scanner
WTE - Whale Tracker Experiment
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