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Full Name Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment Status Mission complete
Mission Agencies NASA, DLR, ESA, GFZ Launch Date 17 Mar 2002
Mission Links mission site | data access portal EOL Date 10 Mar 2018
EO Portal Info
Orbit Type Inclined, non-sun-synchronous Orbit Period 91 minutes
Orbit Sense N/A Orbit Inclination 89 deg
Orbit Altitude 327 km Orbit Longitude
Orbit LST Repeat Cycle
Objectives and Applications 5-year nominal mission life, currently in extended operations. Extremely high precision gravity measurements for use in construction of gravity field models. GRACE consists of two satellites (A, B) serving one mission.
Mission Measurements
Gravity and Magnetic FieldsGravity, Magnetic and Geodynamic measurements GRACE instrument
LandSoil moisture GRACE instrument
OceanOcean topography/currents GRACE instrument
Mission Instruments
GRACE instrument - GRACE instrument
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