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Full Name Aqua (formerly EOS PM-1)
aka EOS PM-1
Status Currently being flown
Mission Agencies NASA, INPE, JAXA Launch Date 04 May 2002
Mission Links mission site | data access portal EOL Date Sep 2020
EO Portal Info
Orbit Type Sun-synchronous Orbit Period 98.8 minutes
Orbit Sense Ascending Orbit Inclination 98.2 deg
Orbit Altitude 705 km Orbit Longitude
Orbit LST 13:30 Repeat Cycle 16 days
Objectives and Applications 6-year nominal mission life, currently in extended operations. Atmosphericdynamics/water and energy cycles, cloudformation, precipitationand radiativeproperties, air/seafluxes of energy andmoisture, sea ice extentand heat exchange with the atmosphere.
Mission Measurements
AtmosphereAerosols MODIS
Atmospheric Humidity Fields AIRS, AMSR-E, AMSU-A, HSB, MODIS
Cloud type, amount and cloud top temperature AIRS, AMSU-A, MODIS
Cloud particle properties and profile AMSR-E, AMSU-A, HSB, MODIS
Liquid water and precipitation rate AIRS, AMSR-E, AMSU-A
Radiation budget AIRS, AMSU-A, CERES, MODIS
Trace gases (excluding ozone) AIRS
Atmospheric Temperature Fields AIRS, AMSU-A, MODIS
LandAlbedo and reflectance MODIS
Soil moisture AMSR-E, AMSU-A
Vegetation MODIS
Surface temperature (land) AIRS, AMSU-A, MODIS
Multi-purpose imagery (land) MODIS
OceanOcean colour/biology MODIS
Ocean surface winds AMSR-E, AMSU-A
Surface temperature (ocean) AIRS, AMSR-E, MODIS
Multi-purpose imagery (ocean) MODIS
Snow & IceSnow cover, edge and depth AIRS, AMSR-E, AMSU-A, MODIS
Sea ice cover, edge and thickness AIRS, AMSR-E, AMSU-A, MODIS
Mission Instruments
AIRS - Atmospheric Infra-red Sounder
AMSR-E - Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer-EOS
AMSU-A - Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit-A
CERES - Cloud and the Earth's Radiant Energy System
HSB - Humidity Sounder for Brazil
MODIS - MODerate-Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer
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