THE CEOS DATABASE : Missions, Instruments and Measurements
Full Name Global Positioning Satellite Occultation Experiment (GOX) Status Operational
Instrument Agencies NASA, NSPO, JPL Maturity
Instrument Type Atmospheric temperature and humidity sounders Geometry Occultation
Instrument Technology GNSS radio-occultation receiver Sampling Other
Data Access Open Access Data Format
Measurements and Applications Each instrument equipped with 4 GPS antennas to receive the L1 and L2 radio wave signals transmitted from the 24 US GPS satellites. Based on the signal transmission delay caused by the electric density, temperature, pressure, and water content in the ionosphere and atmosphere, information about ionosphere and atmosphere can be derived.
Resolution Summary Vertical: 0.3 - 1.5 m; Horizontal: 300 - 600 km
Swath Summary
Accuracy Summary
Waveband Summary L1/L2
MW (~1.0 cm - ~100 cm)
Instrument Measurements
Atmospheric Humidity FieldsAtmospheric specific humidity (column/profile) 
Atmospheric Temperature FieldsAtmospheric temperature (column/profile) 
Instrument Missions
COSMIC-1 FM3 - COSMIC-1 FM3 (2006 - 2010)
COSMIC-1 FM2 - COSMIC-1 FM2 (2006 - 2018)
COSMIC-1 FM4 - COSMIC-1 FM4 (2006 - 2018)
COSMIC-1 FM5 - COSMIC-1 FM5 (2006 - 2018)
COSMIC-1 FM6 - COSMIC-1 FM6 (2006 - 2018)
COSMIC-1 FM1 - COSMIC-1 FM1 (2006 - 2019)
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