THE CEOS DATABASE : Missions, Instruments and Measurements
Full Name VISSR Atmospheric Sounder Status No longer operational
Instrument Agencies NOAA Maturity
Instrument Type Atmospheric temperature and humidity sounders Geometry Earth disk scanning
Instrument Technology Narrow-band channel IR radiometer Sampling Sounding
Data Access Data Format
Measurements and Applications VISSR Atmospheric Sounder., Spin scan radiometer/atmospheric sounder., 8 detectors for 1 visible channel, 6 detectors for 3 IR channels.
Resolution Summary
Swath Summary
Accuracy Summary
Waveband Summary
Instrument Measurements
Atmospheric Humidity FieldsAtmospheric specific humidity (LT, HT, TC) 
Atmospheric Temperature FieldsAtmospheric temperature (LT, HT) 
Atmospheric stability index 
Cloud type, amount and cloud top temperatureCloud cover 
Cloud top height 
Liquid water and precipitation ratePrecipitation rate (liquid) at the surface 
Surface temperature (ocean)Sea surface temperature 
Instrument Missions
GOES-7 - Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite - 7 (1987 - 1995)
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