Full Name Multi-functional Transport Satellite-1R
aka Himawari-6
Status Mission complete
Mission Agencies JMA, JCAB Launch Date 26 Feb 2005
Mission Links EOL Date 04 Dec 2015
EO Portal Info NORAD Catalog # 28622 (TLE)
International Designator 2005-006A
Orbit Type Geostationary Orbit Period
Orbit Sense N/A Orbit Inclination
Orbit Altitude 36000 km Orbit Longitude -140 deg
Orbit LST Repeat Cycle
Objectives and Applications Meteorology, aeronautical applications.
Mission Measurements
AtmosphereAtmospheric Humidity Fields JAMI
Atmospheric Winds JAMI
Cloud type, amount and cloud top temperature JAMI
Liquid water and precipitation rate JAMI
OceanSurface temperature (ocean) JAMI
Mission Instruments
JAMI - Japanese Advanced Meteorological Imager
MTSAT Comms - Communications package for MTSAT
MTSAT DCS - Data Collection System for MTSAT
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Arctic Satellite Composite Imagery - Infrared
Arctic Satellite Composite Imagery - Longwave Infrared
Arctic Satellite Composite Imagery - Shortwave Infrared
Arctic Satellite Composite Imagery - Visible
Arctic Satellite Composite Imagery - Water Vapor
CERES GEO Cloud Retrievals in ISCCP-D2like Format Daytime Edition3A
CERES MODIS and GEO Cloud Retrievals in ISCCP-D2like Format Daytime Edition3A
GHRSST Level 4 G1SST Global Foundation Sea Surface Temperature Analysis (GDS version 1)
IMS Daily Northern Hemisphere Snow and Ice Analysis at 1 km, 4 km, and 24 km Resolutions, Version 1

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NOAA Climate Data Record (CDR) of Precipitation Estimation from Remotely Sensed Information using Ar...
Atmospheric Motion Vectors (GOES and HIMAWARI). CLIMATE APPLICATIONS: Climate reanalysis JRA55
CLIMATE APPLICATIONS: Climate Change and Natural Variability Impact Assessment, Extreme Precipitatio...

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