Full Name Michigan Multipurpose Minisat-2 Status Operational (nominal)
Mission Agencies University of Michigan Launch Date 06 Dec 2013
Mission Links EOL Date Dec 2024
EO Portal Info NORAD Catalog #
International Designator
Orbit Type Sun-synchronous Orbit Period 97 minutes
Orbit Sense Orbit Inclination 123 deg
Orbit Altitude 1089 km Orbit Longitude
Orbit LST Repeat Cycle
Objectives and Applications MCubed-2/COVE is a 1U CubeSat developed by the UM (University of Michgan) at Ann Arbor, MI and NASA/JPL as a reflight system of the MCubed/COVE (CubeSat On-board processing Validation Experiment) mission that experienced an anomaly leading to the post-deployment magnetic conjunction of two CubeSats. The mission goals of MCubed-2/COVE remains the same, to take mid-resolution images of the Earth at approximately 200 m per pixel while carrying the COVE payload. The project is sponsored by NASA's ESTO (Earth Science Technology Office). Paula J. Pingree of JPL is the PI and James W. Cutler of UM is the Co-PI of the COVE mission.
Mission Measurements
Mission Instruments
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