CEOS EO HANDBOOK – MISSION SUMMARY - ISS: NanoRacks Bishop Airlock Module -
Full Name ISS: NanoRacks Bishop Airlock Module Status Operational (nominal)
Mission Agencies NanoRacks Launch Date 06 Oct 2020
Mission Links mission site EOL Date Jan 2031
EO Portal Info NORAD Catalog #
International Designator
Orbit Type Inclined, non-sun-synchronous Orbit Period 92.9 minutes
Orbit Sense Orbit Inclination 51.6 deg
Orbit Altitude 400 km Orbit Longitude
Orbit LST Repeat Cycle
Objectives and Applications The NanoRacks Bishop Airlock Module is the first commerically funded airlock on the ISS, built for commercial use, research, and technology desmonstrations. The module was launched in December 2022 to U.S. port 3 (Tranquility), and is planned to be in operation for the remaining lifetime of the ISS.
Mission Measurements
Mission Instruments
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