Full Name Frequency Comb - Spaceborne Frequency Comb Metrology Status Mission complete
Mission Agencies DLR Launch Date 16 Apr 2015
Mission Links mission site EOL Date 16 Apr 2020
EO Portal Info NORAD Catalog #
International Designator
Orbit Type TBD Orbit Period
Orbit Sense N/A Orbit Inclination
Orbit Altitude Orbit Longitude
Orbit LST Repeat Cycle
Objectives and Applications The objective of the prototype experiment involved microgravity on a sounding rocket flight for a duration of 6 minutes. With respect to LPI (Local Position Invariance), a cornerstone of general relativity, the apparent experimental limitations are caused by the reference clock, the selected Rb transition monitored using frequency modulation spectroscopy, and the limited variation in the gravitational potential during this flight.
Mission Measurements
Mission Instruments
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