Full Name Geodetic Earth Orbiting Satellite 2 Status Mission complete
Mission Agencies NASA Launch Date 11 Jan 1968
Mission Links mission site EOL Date 01 Jan 1970
EO Portal Info NORAD Catalog #
International Designator
Orbit Type Highly elliptical Orbit Period 112.2 minutes
Orbit Sense Orbit Inclination 105.8 deg
Orbit Altitude Orbit Longitude
Orbit LST Repeat Cycle
Objectives and Applications The instrumentation onboard GEOS-1 and GEOS-2 helped researchers define the structure of the Earth's irregular gravitational field, and refine the locations and magnitudes of the large gravity anomalies.
Mission Measurements
Mission Instruments
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GEOS-2 International Optical Beacon Data Input V001 (GEOS2OBSINPUTINTL) at GES DISC

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