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Full Name Infrared Temperature Profile Radiometer Status No longer operational
Instrument Agencies NASA Maturity
Instrument Type Geometry
Instrument Technology Sampling
Data Access Data Format
Measurements and Applications Atmospheric temperature profile and total-column water vapour
Resolution Summary 32 km at s.s.p.
[Best Resolution: 32000m]
Swath Summary Frames of 14 cross-track x 10 along-track IFOV's are mechanically scanned, and alternatively pointed left, nadir and right to implement a total swath of 1450 km
[Max Swath: 1450 km]
Accuracy Summary
Waveband Summary Filter radiometer with 7 channels, 4 in the CO2 band, 1 in the rotational water vapour band and 2 in windows [see detailed characteristics below]
Instrument Measurements
Measurements Overview
Instrument Missions
NIMBUS-5 - Nimbus 5 (1972 - 1983)
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