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Full Name High Resolution Infrared Radiometer Status No longer operational
Instrument Agencies NASA Maturity
Instrument Type Geometry Cross-track scanning
Instrument Technology Sampling
Data Access Data Format
Measurements and Applications Cloud Observation, New development, prototype of operational IR imaging radiometers
Resolution Summary 8.5 km at s.s.p.
[Best Resolution: 8500m]
Swath Summary Cross-track, horizon-to-horizon by a 45° inclined mirror, 48 rounds/min, 7.8 km line-to-line for continuous coverage
Accuracy Summary
Waveband Summary Single-channel IR radiometer, 3.4-4.2 ?m, temperature range 210-330 K, NE?T 1 K @ 260 K. In Nimbus-3 the band is dual, with a 0.7-1.3 ?m bandpass that dominated the signal during daylight
Instrument Measurements
Measurements Overview
Instrument Missions
NIMBUS-1 - Nimbus 1 (1964 - 1964)
NIMBUS-2 - Nimbus 2 (1966 - 1969)
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