Full Name Polar Highly Elliptical Orbit Science, Solar-Terrestrial Mission Status No longer considered
Instrument Agencies CSA Maturity
Instrument Type Space environment Geometry Earth disk scanning
Instrument Technology Space environment monitor Sampling Imaging
Data Access Open Access Data Format Not decided at this stage.
Measurements and Applications Combination of payloads to study the near-Earth space dominated by plasmas and to observe the electromagnetic and charged particle environments in a highly elliptical orbit. May potentially include both in-situ space weather instruments and an Auroral imager.
Resolution Summary 40 km for the Auroral imager. Not applicable for the in-situ space weather instruments.
Swath Summary Field of Regard for each full acquisition is the entire Earth disc. N.A. for the in-situ space weather instruments.
Accuracy Summary Cal/Val requirements currently being developed
Waveband Summary Dual band LBH long (160 - 175 nm) and LBH short (140 - 160 nm) for the Auroral imager. N.A. for the in-situ space weather instruments.
UV (~0.01 µm - ~0.40 µm)
Instrument Measurements
Measurements Overview
Gravity, Magnetic and Geodynamic measurementsMagnetic field (vector)
Electron density profile
Total electron content (TEC)
Auroral Emissions
Instrument Missions
PCW-1 - Polar Communications and Weather-1 (2021 - 2036)
PCW-2 - Polar Communications and Weather-2 (2021 - 2036)