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DomainTerrestrialDescriptionIt is estimated that groundwater accounts for around 30% of the world’s total freshwater resources, including those locked in snow and ice, and is by far the largest available reservoir of liquid freshwater. It is today the source of about one third of global water withdrawals. Estimates of the number of people who depend on groundwater supplies for drinking range from 1.5 to 3 billion. Global groundwater abstraction has at least tripled over the past 50 years, much more so in some regions. [GCOS-195 6.3.3]
Full NameGroundwater
Satellite Signficant ContributionNo
GCOS Actions
DescriptionWhoTime FramePerformance IndicatorCost Implications
Establish prototype GTN-GW and a Global Groundwater Monitoring Information System (GGMS) as a web-portal for all GTN-GW datasets; deliver readily available data and products to the information system. Who: IGRAC, in cooperation with TOPC.IGRAC, in cooperation with TOPC.2014Reports to WMO CHy on the completeness of the GTN-GW record held in the GGMS, including the number of records in, and nations submitting data to, the GGMS; web-based delivery of products to the community.1-10M US$ (40% in non-Annex-I Parties).
*GCOS-195 Status Categories: Category A: Action completed, perhaps exceeding reasonable expectations. Very good progress on ongoing tasks. Category B: Action largely completed according to expectation. Good progress on ongoing tasks. Category C: Moderate progress overall, although progress may be good for some part of the action. Category D: Limited progress overall, although progress may be moderate or good for some part of the action. Category E: Very little or no progress, or deterioration rather than progress.
GCOS ProductsNo GCOS-154 products defined.
CEOS ResponseN/A
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