THE CEOS DATABASE : Missions, Instruments and Measurements

The CEOS Database explores the linkage between key elements of the framework for climate observations from space:

  • Implementation Plan (IP, GCOS-138)
  • Satellite Supplement (GCOS-154)
  • Status Report 2015 (GCOS-195)
  • The CEOS Response to the GCOS IP (2015 Update)
  • Missions, Instruments, and Measurements

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The Global Climate Observing System (GCOS) has developed Climate Monitoring Principles that set out a general guidelines to achieve observations, addressing key satellite-specific operational issues.

Essential Climate Variables GCOS has identified a set of 50 climate system variables, or Essential Climate Variables (ECVs). The ECVs are more than a list of variables or groups of related variables for which observations and data products are required to support climate monitoring, forecasting, research, service provision and policy.

The ECVs are grouped into three categories: atmospheric, oceanic, and terrestrial.

Systematic observation requirements and associated actions have been defined for a subset of the ECVs where the feasibility of satellite measurements has been demonstrated.

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Atmospheric ECVs

14 of 17 ECVs have a significant contribution from satellite EO
Oceanic ECVs

6 of 18 ECVs have a significant contribution from satellite EO
Terrestrial ECVs

11 of 16 ECVs have a significant contribution from satellite EO

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