THE CEOS DATABASE : Missions, Instruments and Measurements
Full Name NorSat-1 Status Operational (extended)
Mission Agencies NOSA Launch Date 14 Jul 2017
Mission Links EOL Date Dec 2020
EO Portal Info NORAD Catalog # 42826 (TLE)
International Designator 2017-042B
Orbit Type Sun-synchronous Orbit Period 96.5 minutes
Orbit Sense Descending Orbit Inclination 97.6 deg
Orbit Altitude 586 km Orbit Longitude
Orbit LST 11:50:00 Repeat Cycle
Objectives and Applications Enhanced AIS performance; total solar irradiance; langmuir probe
Mission Measurements
AtmosphereRadiation budget CLARA
Gravity and Magnetic FieldsGravity, Magnetic and Geodynamic measurements m-NLP
Mission Instruments
AIS - AIS Receiver
CLARA - Compact Lightweight Absolute Radiometer
m-NLP - multi-Needle Langmuir Probe
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