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Full Name Ocean Surface Topography Mission
aka Jason-2
Status Currently being flown
Mission Agencies NASA, EUMETSAT, NOAA Launch Date 20 Jun 2008
Mission Links mission site | data access portal EOL Date Oct 2019
EO Portal Info
Orbit Type Inclined, non-sun-synchronous Orbit Period 111.8 minutes
Orbit Sense N/A Orbit Inclination 66.05 deg
Orbit Altitude 1309 km Orbit Longitude
Orbit LST Repeat Cycle 371 days
Objectives and Applications 3-year nominal mission life. Physical oceanography, geodesy/gravity, climate monitoring, marine meteorology. Long-Repeat Orbit geodetic mission phase from July 2016 to December 2019.
Mission Measurements
AtmosphereAtmospheric Humidity Fields AMR
Gravity and Magnetic FieldsGravity, Magnetic and Geodynamic measurements DORIS-NG, GPSP, LRA, POSEIDON-3
LandLandscape topography POSEIDON-3
OceanOcean topography/currents AMR, DORIS-NG, GPSP, LRA, POSEIDON-3
Ocean surface winds POSEIDON-3
Ocean wave height and spectrum POSEIDON-3
Mission Instruments
AMR - Advanced Microwave Radiometer
DORIS-NG - Doppler Orbitography and Radio-positioning Integrated by Satellite-NG
GPSP - Global Positioning System Payload
LRA - Laser Retroreflector Array
POSEIDON-3 - Positioning Ocean Solid Earth Ice Dynamics Orbiting Navigator (Single frequency solid state radar altimeter)
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