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Full Name Micro-Wave Humidity Sounder Status No longer operational
Instrument Agencies NRSCC, CAST, NSMC-CMA, CNSA Maturity
Instrument Type Atmospheric temperature and humidity sounders Geometry Cross-track scanning
Instrument Technology Absorption-band MW radiometer/spectrometer Sampling Sounding
Data Access Open Access Data Format L-1 data: HDF 5.0
Measurements and Applications Meteorological applications.
Resolution Summary 15 km at media, 41 x 27 km at outer edge
Swath Summary 2700 km
Accuracy Summary 15 km
Waveband Summary Microwave: 19.35 - 89.0 GHz (8 channels)
MW (~0.1 cm - ~100 cm)
Instrument Measurements
Measurements Overview
Atmospheric Humidity FieldsAtmospheric specific humidity (LT)
Thematic Links Global Climate Observing System Essential Climate Variables (GCOS ECVs)
ECVDescriptionProduct(s)ECV Inventory 3.0 Record(s)
Water Vapour (upper air) click here click here Record ID: 10434
Instrument Missions
FY-3A - FY-3A Polar-orbiting Meteorological Satellite (2008 - 2018)
FY-3B - FY-3B Polar-orbiting Meteorological Satellite (2010 - 2020)
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