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Full Name Greenhouse Gas Satellite - C1 (Iris) Status Operational (nominal)
Mission Agencies GHGSat Launch Date 02 Sep 2020
Mission Links mission site EOL Date Sep 2024
EO Portal Info NORAD Catalog # 46278 (TLE)
International Designator 2020-061G
Orbit Type Sun-synchronous Orbit Period 95 minutes
Orbit Sense Descending Orbit Inclination 97.5 deg
Orbit Altitude 522 km Orbit Longitude
Orbit LST 10:30 Repeat Cycle 14 days
Objectives and Applications Sensing of greenhouse gases (CO2 & CH4) at high resolution. GHGSat'’s unique sensing technology which is able to detect methane emissions from sources 100 times smaller than any other satellite, but with a resolution 100 times higher. That means GHGSat can detect and quantify methane emissions from point sources as small as oil & gas wells. No other commercial operator or state-funded space organization can do this.
Mission Measurements
AtmosphereCloud type, amount and cloud top temperature C&A
Trace gases (excluding ozone) WAF-P
Mission Instruments
C&A - Cloud and Aerosol Sensor
WAF-P - Wide-Angle Fabry-Perot Imaging Spectrometer
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