THE CEOS DATABASE : Missions, Instruments and Measurements
Full Name L-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar Status Being developed
Instrument Agencies CONAE Maturity
Instrument Type Imaging microwave radars Geometry Side-looking
Instrument Technology Imaging radar (SAR) Sampling Imaging
Data Access Data Format XML + binary HDF5
Measurements and Applications Land, ocean, emergencies, soil moisture, interferometry, others.
Resolution Summary 10 x 10 m – 100 x 100 m
[Best Resolution: 10m]
Swath Summary 20 – 350 km
[Max Swath: 350 km]
Accuracy Summary 0.5 dB
Waveband Summary L-band (1.275 GHz)
L-Band (2 - 1 GHz)
Instrument Measurements
Atmospheric WindsOil spill cover 
Ice sheet topographySea-ice sheet topography 
Landscape topographyLand surface topography 
Multi-purpose imagery (land)Land surface imagery 
Surface Coherent Change Detection 
Multi-purpose imagery (ocean)Ocean imagery and water leaving radiance 
Ocean surface windsWind speed over sea surface (horizontal) 
Wind vector over sea surface (horizontal) 
Ocean topography/currentsOcean surface currents (vector) 
Sea ice cover, edge and thicknessSea-ice cover 
Sea-ice type 
Glacier cover 
Glacier motion 
Sea-ice thickness 
Snow cover, edge and depthSnow cover 
Snow detection (mask) 
Soil moistureSoil moisture at the surface 
VegetationVegetation type 
Land cover 
Vegetation Canopy (cover) 
Vegetation Canopy (height) 
Instrument Missions
SAOCOM 1A - Satélite Argentino de Observación COn Microondas 1A (2018 - 2023)
SAOCOM 1B - Satélite Argentino de Observación COn Microondas 1B (2019 - 2024)
SAOCOM-2A - Satélite Argentino de Observación COn Microondas 2A (2023 - 2026)
SAOCOM-2B - Satélite Argentino de Observación COn Microondas 2B (2024 - 2028)
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