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Full Name Microwave Spectrometer (TROPICS) Status Being developed
Instrument Agencies NASA, NOAA Maturity
Instrument Type Imaging multi-spectral radiometers (passive microwave) Geometry Cross-track scanning
Instrument Technology Absorption-band MW radiometer/spectrometer Sampling Sounding
Data Access Open Access Data Format HDF
Measurements and Applications Constellation to provide temperature/moisture sounding and cloud/precipitation imaging with rapid update.
Resolution Summary Moisture: 25 km average across the swath; Temperature: 40 km average across the swath
[Best Resolution: 17000m]
Swath Summary 2000 km
[Max Swath: 2000 km]
Accuracy Summary 1 K
Waveband Summary Microwave: 90 to 206 GHz
Instrument Measurements
Measurements Overview
Atmospheric Humidity FieldsAtmospheric specific humidity (LT, HT, TC)
Atmospheric Temperature FieldsAtmospheric temperature (LT, HT)
Liquid water and precipitation ratePrecipitation intensity at the surface (liquid or solid)
Thematic Links Global Climate Observing System Essential Climate Variables (GCOS ECVs)
ECVDescriptionProduct(s)ECV Inventory 3.0 Record(s)
Precipitation click here click here search ECV Inventory records
Temperature (upper-air) click here click here search ECV Inventory records
Water Vapour (upper air) click here click here search ECV Inventory records
Instrument Missions
TROPICS - Time-Resolved Observations of Precipitation structure and storm Intensity with a Constellation of Smallsats (TROPICS) (2023 - 2025)
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